Allison Rapp

5 Quick Steps to Get Unstuck

When you can't do everything you know you should be doing, it's easy to get nothing done at all. Get unstuck in just 5 quick steps so that you can get your hands-on practice moving forward again!

A few weeks ago, I got thrown off-stride by a family situation that demanded my attention. I’m sure you know how that is… priorities get clear really fast in extreme situations.

Now that things are calming down, I’ve realized I’ve got quite a pile of “stuff” that needs attention, and that made me think about how easy it would be to get sidelined again by needing everything to be PERFECT instead of just getting it DONE. I had to figure out what was most important to spend time on, because knowing I couldn’t do it all was stopping me from doing anything.

And I had to give up perfection because it takes more time than I have. Instead, I’m acknowledging myself for being able to give you help you don’t get from other people, and hoping that you’ll forgive an occasional typo.

Do you have your own backlog of “stuff: that would move your business forward–if only you could get them done–or things that would help you get to the place where you can actually focus on moving your practice forward?

Here’s how to get forward movement:

Give yourself the next 5 minutes — and do a Brain Dump:

1. Start by writing down all the things you’ve got on your mental plate that you haven’t finished because:

  • the time isn’t right, or
  • they aren’t perfect, or
  • you don’t know what to do next, or
  • you don’t feel like doing them, or
  • “something” came up, or
  • whatever.

2. Keep writing until there’s nothing left on your plate.

3. Read over your list and mark the one you think would help you the most.

4. Write down the 3 things you need to do, to get back on track toward making it happen.

5. Commit to taking the first step in the next 48 hours [even if it’s imperfect action–because sometimes getting it done is more important than getting it flawless] by setting the time aside in your calendar, and then showing up to do what you just decided will move you forward.

When you get a chance, drop me a note and let me know how it worked for you!


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