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"I found out how things I "knew" about myself were affecting my behavior and my business. I got practical tips to implement right away, help understanding my pitfalls and where to build on my strengths—and I came away empowered and inspired!"

Nathalie Chapron, YouShineOnstage.com, USA

"This non-judgmental and practical way of working with strengths and weaknesses has changed everything for me—I am able to trust my intuition more, envision outcomes differently and implement in the moment without the fears that used to color my business and practice decisions."

Carole Bucher, RenoFeldenkrais.blogspot.com, USA

When You Claim Your Strengths…

  • You find things you’re good at doing everywhere you look.
  • You have the key to attracting the clients you really want.
  • You know exactly what to delegate.
  • You stop putting things off and start putting them OUT into the world.
  • You discover new parts of your genius!
  • You can give up working so hard.
  • You see everything with greater clarity… your business, your relationships, and yourself!

"It was like having someone truly understand and acknowledge me for being me. Acceptance. It was okay to be me—more than that. I could celebrate being me!"

Brenda Stickley, GetMovingWithBrenda.co.nz, New Zealand

"I gave myself permission to change my thinking. It is so freeing to start focusing on what I do easily and well, rather than trying to fix what will always feel difficult and effortful."

Andrea Bowers, [email protected], USA

Allison Rapp,
On the Value of Knowing Your Perceptual Style

After years of personal growth work and business development courses, my mentor asked me to take the Perceptual Styles® Assessment. To be honest, I was skeptical about the value of “yet another” assessment—I had taken so many, and while the results were interesting, none of them had led to life-changing realizations or action steps that transformed my business.

What I didn’t expect was that I would uncover something I didn’t even know was a problem in my business…
Here’s what happened. All my life I’d felt the deep, lonely sadness of being misunderstood, but I had never connected it to my work. Well, if you have a business and you feel misunderstood, it’s very hard to enroll clients, and that means that you end up struggling in your business day-in and day-out, year-in and year-out—which was exactly what I’d been doing.

As I learned more about my Perceptual Style, I realized that I’d created a lot of that misunderstanding by hiding my strengths for most of my life—acting the way I thought I was supposed to act, so that I would appear to be who I was supposed to be. Learning about my Perceptual Style was the key to understanding myself and showing up clearly as who I really am, so that I could be easily understood by the people I’m here to help.

It didn’t take me long to enroll in the certification course to become a Perceptual Styles Coach. The assessments give me a super power that helps you tap into your inborn gifts and your innate way of seeing the world as only you can.

That’s why I’m so excited about this opportunity to offer you a free introduction, and after you get your results, I’ll share more with you about how your style relates to persuasion. It’s a key factor in enrolling clients—and I know that you might think that persuasion is too salesy for you , but I know that you have natural persuasion skills that make you feel great!

Your strengths are vital to building a business and practice you love, so take the free assessment now!

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