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Build: Claim Your Strengths

Your innate strengths are the most valuable asset you have!

Hi! I’m Allison Rapp, creator of Claim Your Strengths

... and I know you hate selling.

I want you to experience what I’ve seen time and again with my clients: that discovering and developing your innate strengths can lead to getting clients more easily from the minute you start using what you learn.

When you Claim Your Strengths, you unearth and cultivate your natural abilities, so you can use skills that feel authentic instead of forcing yourself to do something that doesn’t feel like you.

Wouldn’t it be great to make getting clients as gratifying as working with them?

That’s exactly what’s possible when you learn how to embrace yourself more fully as exactly the person you already are — the who can not only help the people you are meant to serve, but attract them be being yourself.

Best of all, when you learn to offer new people what they need from you, they regularly agree to work with you!

Does this sound like something you could use?

If so, great! Keep reading, because I’m going to tell you about a unique opportunity that up to now has only been available to clients who invested thousands of dollars with me to learn how to have a successful client consultation in my signature Heart-to-Heart Program.

Let’s start by understanding just what we’re talking about here…

What is Claim Your Strengths?

It starts with how you view the world.

Your way of interacting with your environment—how you take in information, how you relate to others and how you communicate with them—is unique. It gives you easy access to strengths that support you in every aspect of your life.

Altogether, these qualities are known as Perceptual Style—and understandin it is where your ability to Claim Your Strengths begins.

Your strengths are based on abilities you already have, but may never have thought about or developed… abilities that can make getting clients easier than you ever thought it could be.

How Is That Possible?

Leading with your strengths makes it easy.

When you meet with a first-time client and you know how to show up fully supported by your strengths, you feel like yourself.

You don’t have have to pretend you’re a salesperson.

There’s no weakness to overcome.

Instead, you’re in the flow of who you are, doing everything in the way that feels most comfortable to you.

Does that feel different from how it’s been?

My experience in my own practice—and in helping other practitioners build satisfying practices—has shown me something I can’t ignore: mining your Power of Persuasion can lead to getting more clients, because you become more aware of what works and what doesn’t when you speak to new people.

You’re less likely to be misunderstood and more likely to make the kind of connection your clients are yearning for… and that means it’s easier for people to commit to working with you.

That’s why I want to offer you an in-depth experience of what it can be like to see and fully embrace your Perceptual Style as a support in getting clients. When you unearth and cultivate your natural abilities, you can…

  • Use natural skills instead of forcing yourself to do something that doesn’t feel like you.
  • Embrace yourself more fully as the exactly the person who can help the people you are here to serve.
  • Offer clients what they need from you, in order to commit to getting the help they want.

Claim Your Strengths Coaching

Up to now, only practitioners enrolled in one of my extensive practice-building courses could benefit from what’s in this coaching package.

But I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’m super-passionate about what it can do for your business—not only because I’ve seen the results time after time for so many practitioners—but because I know that for many client-based practitioners, this truly is the missing link.

That’s why I want to offer you a chance to go deeper, learn what’s specifically relevant to you and get private time with me to focus on you, your style and how it can help you get more clients with far less angst. 


When you claim your strengths...

Your natural way of being starts to surface and helps you connect with more clients who are eager to work with you! As part of our work together, you'll

When you Claim Your Strengths, you become more of who you already are... without the effort, and without the struggle.

Claim Your Strengths Coaching includes...

features you won't find anywhere else.

Hover on each card to discover more.

Perceptual Style Assessment

The PSA is the Gold Standard among similar assessments. Resting on more than 30 years of research, it has the highest reliability of any test of its kind. You’ll need 30-60 minutes to complete it and you’ll get your results right away by email.

Recognized Strengths Profile

The RSP helps you understand where you're draining your energy in your business. You'll learn to develop latent skills in a way that feels easy and natural and helps you feel competent as a business owner.

2 Hours of Private Coaching

On our calls, we'll dive deep so you understand your strengths and how to apply them, how to avoid pitfalls, and how to develop latent talents that will make your business more successful with less stress.

Detailed Results Book

Even before we get together for our first session, you'll have a workbook that will help you appreciate and expand the support you can call upon within yourself as you begin to Claim Your Strengths.

Client Attraction Roadmap

Together, we'll create a plan for getting the clients you need. Your custom roadmap will address both the issues you’re aware of and the underlying skills you need to get the practice you want.

Group Calls & Community

The floor is open in 3 monthly calls! Ask any questions that come up around developing and using your strengths, about theory or implementation--or request laser coaching. All in a safe and friendly community.

Claim Your Strengths is just $1250

Claiming my own strengths was the biggest key to making my business feel like me.

After years of personal growth work and business development courses, my mentor asked me to take the Perceptual Style® Assessment. To be honest, I was skeptical about the value of “yet another” assessment—I had taken so many, and while the results were interesting, none of them had led to life-changing realizations or action steps that transformed my business.

What I didn’t expect was that I would uncover something I didn’t even know was a problem in my business… here’s what happened:

All my life I’d felt the deep, lonely sadness of being misunderstood, but I had never connected it to my work. Well, if you have a business and you feel misunderstood, it’s very hard to enroll clients, and that means that you end up struggling in your business day-in and day-out, year-in and year-out—which was exactly what I’d been doing.

As I learned more about my strengths, I realized that I’d created a lot of that misunderstanding by hiding my them for most of my life—acting the way I thought I was supposed to act, so that I would appear to be who I was supposed to be. Learning how to claim my strengths was the key to understanding myself and showing up clearly as who I really am, so that I could be easily understood by the people I’m here to help.

It didn’t take me long to enroll in the certification course to become a Perceptual Style Coach. Understading yourself through these assessments gives you a superpower that helps you tap into your inborn gifts and your innate way of seeing the world as only you can.

That’s why I’m so excited about this opportunity to offer this coaching. Claiming your strengths is a key factor in every part of your business–from attracting and enrolling clients to getting your taxes filed on time. And I know that you have natural skills that will makes it all much easier and more satisfying.

Your strengths are vital to building a business and practice you love, and I can’t wait to help you understand more about using them to get the clients you are here to serve!

Allison Rapp

I’m Allison Rapp and since 2010, I’ve helped hundreds of practitioners attract and enroll more clients and create a business that supports their dream without feeling like a nightmare.

I can help you, too.

What practitioners are saying . . .

You can feel like yourself as you build the business that supports your practice...
Claim Your Strengths is the key.

Allison Rapp

There’s a huge gap between what’s being taught about how to get clients, and the people who need it most — like hands-on holistic practitioners. My expertise in is bridging that gap for you, so you can understand what to do, and how to do it and so it feels easy and natural.

All the information on this page is true to the best of my knowledge. However, other people’s success is not a guarantee that you will experience the same results. Your return on any investment in a program designed to help you build your practice is dependent on many factors. It is not possible to guarantee — and I make no promises regarding — your specific results.

If your financial situation is such that the investment you are considering means that you will be unable to fulfill your financial responsibilities to yourself and others, this may be the wrong time for you to invest in your practice.