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Create a plan that will help you build a viable practice and earn a living.

Most practitioners shy away from planning, numbers and anything to do with money. In this course, you’ll make a simple plan that takes into account what you want to earn, when you want to work, and what you need to charge to make it come together.


What People Are Saying:

This still is one of the courses for 2021 that stands out for me, especially because of marking off the time FOR ME first. And, how challenging that was. For the queen of self–care. So, it really gave me insight what it must be for my clients & prospective clients to put themselves first.

In terms of charting out the year, my health issues scrambled those plans, but the course was as resilient as I was/am, and Allison helped me to let go of what I could and focus my very precious energy where it mattered most. Having a plan–even if I had to change it or tweak it–was a huge before/after experience. It was like having the right map to on a treasure hunt!

Maggie Miles

Allison Rapp

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