They're both highly successful, but I'll bet you're attracted to working with one more than the other!

Why Your Image Matters More Than You Think

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I’ve heard practitioners say they don’t intend to market their practices.

If you think you can avoid marketing by intentionally not marketing, I’m sorry to say that it can’t work — because it’s a fundamentally flawed idea. 

Two “Gurus” Side by Side

I’d like you to consider two people. You may already know one or both of them.

They both do roughly the same thing — help women lose weight by eating a healthy diet and exercising — and…

  • They’re both very successful.
  • They each have several streams of income that result from solving similar problems for their clients.
  • Both get great results from their signature programs.
  • Both have a massive following of loyal fans.
  • Both are comfortable with who they are and let you see it.

And I’ll bet that one of them calls to you in a way that the other does not — because they are nothing like each other!

If you wanted the kind of results they both get, you could clearly get those results from either one of these people but I’m guessing you’d be more inclined to check out one of them first… that one of them appeals to you more than the other.

They're both highly successful, but I'll bet you're attracted to working with one more than the other!

I’ll bet you’re attracted to working with one of them more than the other!

What do you think? Am I right? Are you equally attracted to them, or would you want to check out one before the other?

This is why your image matters more than you might think … Both Richard Simmons and JJ Virgin have carefully cultivated their images over years. They know exactly who they want to appeal to and how to do it. And by doing that, they either attract you or… not.

And they are both highly successful because they are both willing to be who they are, and it’s okay if that means they’re the one you don’t choose.

How about you?

Do you know who you want to attract?

Are you doing it consciously?

If not, you’re doing it without intention. You may get some clients, but it’s pretty unlikely you’ll get the clients you really want to be found by.

In other words, if you don’t project the image your ideal clients are interested in, why should they be interested in you?

Running away from the problem by telling yourself you don’t want to project any image at all isn’t going to work, because you’re projecting an image right now, whether you want to or not. You can’t stop yourself from projecting an image of some sort—you’re doing it everywhere, from social media, to your website, to your trip to the grocery store. It’s crucial to project the one that will get you the clients you’re looking for.

To get a new perspective on making a first impression that turns into a long-term client relationship, click here to listen to a webinar I hosted with my favorite image consultant, Nathalie Chapron! 

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