What’s the dream you dream about your practice?

Are you a Single Focus Practitioner?
Do you hope to earn your living with your practice? What would that look like? How many hours a week do you want to work, and how many people do you want to help? Who are those people? What are you doing with them when you interact with them in your dream?

Maybe you’re an Occasional Practitioner — you’ve got other things that bring in money, and your practice nets you about half of what you need to live on. You may have another part-time business, some rental properties, or a job you really love. Do you have a limited number of hours set aside on a couple of days each week, and the rest of the time, you do something else? Does it fit together as well as you would like? What would make it better?

Or maybe you don’t need the money, and you really don’t want that much work anyway.Is it your dream to be a Love Donation practitioner, helping family and friends and the few people who happen to find out about you — or maybe even working really hard, but giving away most of your income? I used to know a really incredible practitioner who had a practice that was chock-full. She mainly worked with people sent by the rabbi, and gave all the money from her practice back to the synagogue. What a great gift to practice that way — where every session is a Love Donation. Is your situation like that?

Who I Help

The people I have the most to offer are Single-Focus and Occasional hands-on holistic practitioners who are passionate about their work because they know that they have a huge gift to give the world. They are serious about earning their entire living with their work, or about building an Occasional practice to serve as many people as they can. In general,

  • They feel stuck — either because they don’t have enough clients, or they don’t have enough of the right clients.
  • They’re ready to make a bigger impact, and they’re committed to doing what it takes.
  • They know –or at least suspect — that they need help and are not afraid to get it.
  • They aren’t expecting a quick fix.
  • They view our work together as an investment in the future of their business.
  • Often, these practitioners are on the verge of quitting, because they just can seem to make ends meet.

Practitioners Who Want More Clients

Practitioners who don’t have enough clients are usually either recent grads (or they’re about to graduate), or they’re practitioners with several years of experience who have tried a lot of different things grow their practices and nothing has worked to the extent they want. Self-employment may be new to them, or they may be transitioning into a full-time hands-on practice from another job they intend to leave behind.

Practitioners Who Need More Ideal Clients

When a practitioner has been around for a while, has a practice, and feels exhausted or unfulfilled, it’s usually because the people they’re working with are not right for them. It’s easy for somatic practitioners to get a practice filled with people who are not a good fit, because our work trains us to be able to help everyone — then we think we’re supposed to do that. When that happens, you feel like you put in too much time, aren’t paid well for what you know and in general are being drained by your practice.

Sorting out who is the Ideal Client for you is one of the most important things you can do for all the people you work with — because when you work with Ideal Clients, you are happier, you have more energy, you bring more to every session and your clients get much more from their work with you.

Nancy was on the verge of quitting her practice when we started working together.

She’s an accomplished PT who had more than 10 years of Feldenkrais® experience when we first started working together. She had a full practice that was killing her energy and her spirit. She was loaded with referrals from doctors, bogged down in paperwork and spent too much time convincing people that Feldenkrais could help them.

When she made the decision to work with me, she had 4 private Feldenkrais® clients a week.  A few months later, she had 28!

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