Move Like You Used To!

Imagine the freedom of being active without pain, doing the things you dreamed of doing at this time in your life—and into the future where you're secure in your independence... without the gym, repetitive and mind-numbing exercise or the usual mantra, "No Pain, No Gain."

That's what happens when you learn to Move Like You Used To!

All you need is an hour a week... and help focusing on gentle movements that allow you to start making the most of your current ability, and then improve it so you can retain the freedom and independence that makes you feel most like yourself.

© 2007, Rosalie O’Connor. Used with permission of the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America.

© Used with permission of the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America.

© 2007, Rosalie O’Connor. Used with permission of the Feldenkrais Guild® of North America.


Move Like You Used To

Who is it for?

Move LIke You Used To is for people who are getting older, but don't feel like they're aging ... or those who know they'd be happier and more active if a few things just "worked a little more like they used to."

When, Where, and How

  • We meet once a week on Zoom – that means it’s recorded, so if you have to miss a live class, you haven’t missed the benefit.
  • You get to stay at home, in familiar surroundings, and you wear the clothes you always wear.
  • You participate where you live your life so what you learn isn’t conditional on being at the gym or a studio and it’s easy to incorporate it into your daily life.
  • There is no need for any special equipment to buy—and cram into a closet.
  • Everything we do is easy on your body, stimulating for your brain and easily geared to what you can do right now.
  • It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s enlightening, and it could be the most important thing you’ve done to celebrate your independence since the day there were only 21 candles on your cake.
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Getting older...
I don't have to tell you that it's not for sissies.

Hi, I'm Allison Rapp, and for nearly 5 decades, I've been teaching people how to move differently—so they get more of what they want.
In that time, I've helped a lot of people from all walks of life.

Some were concert musicians, professional athletes, actors, and dancers who wanted to achieve better performance. Others were people with brain injuries or the aftermath of diseases like polio who wanted a less difficult life, and some people just wanted to move better, have less pain, recover from injury or sleep through the night.

In all that time, nothing has felt more important to me than helping people of all ages realize how much control they have over how the way they move and how it feels when they do.

I have to say that in my twenties, when I was studying with Moshe Feldenkrais, it never occurred to me that I’d be as old as I am while managing to feel so much younger inside

Maybe you relate… when I talk to people “my age” I discover that this is the experience most of us have.

Somewhere around age 50...

I started to realize that the conflagration on my birthday cake was getting more and more out of alignment with the age I felt myself to be…

Internally, even now, I still feel somewhere in the low 50s, so you can imagine how astonished I was the first time my daughter expressed her concern that my two standard poodles might be too much for me.

Aging is a sensitive topic for most of us...

The way we tend to approach it is not to think too much about it. Avoidance and denial work pretty well, until the day when you realize playing with your grandchildren on the floor is a thing of the past… because you can’t get there anymore.

Or you’re ON the floor and can’t get up without going through the “beached whale” stage of evolution.

Or you suddenly get it that your back has been hurting for too long, the pain in your neck just doesn’t go away, you can’t remember when your shoulder didn’t hurt—and you start to realize that if this is how it is now, you don’t want to think about what might be coming down the pike after your next cake-fire.

Or maybe you go to change a lightbulb and wonder if you should be up on the step stool without holding on or without someone else in the house.

And then you realize you have to be really careful not to mention that to your kids, because much as you like to know they care, you really don’t want them to worry that you’ll lose your balance and break a hip, or become the unsafe driver we used to make jokes about.

And most certainly, you don’t want to give them any reason to nag you about getting help.

Do you know anybody who looks forward to needing help?

Right. Me, neither.

That’s why Move Like You Used To is so important…

Basically, you start where you are and get better.

You stay with what’s comfortable and things start to change.

You build confidence in your balance and discover how much fun it is to increase your range of motion, and how easy it is to decrease the pains and aches you usually try not to think about.

When you start to Move Like You Used To …

You trade what your birthday cake says…

for what you know inside yourself.

You stop saying "Well, what you can you expect? I'm X years old!"

You worry less about losing your independence.

Now, here’s the thing:

I can’t promise that Move Like You Used To will make your birthday cake any safer. In fact, it might still be a good idea to have the hose handy, especially if you’re celebrating under the trees in fire season.
But I’m sure it can help your outside feel more in alignment with the age you know you are on the inside, where it counts the most!

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