Allison Rapp

It’s A Big Mistake To Hide Your Location

You have 3-7 seconds to make visitors decide to stay on your site. If you don't tell them where you are, they're likely gone before they know who you are.

websiteDo you know that most people decide within a few seconds to stay on a site or click away?

Have a look at your site.

Do you tell your visitors where to find you as soon as they arrive?

If you and your client need to be in the same room when you do your work, your location is one of the most important things you can say on your site.

The more easily people find that information, the more quickly a prospective client will know it’s important to stay on your site and keep on reading!

Once people know they’re in the right place, they’re much more likely to stay and find out more about you. Until then, the rest of your site is a present that goes unopened!


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