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Get on the path to helping 80% of your first-time clients commit to long-term work with you.

You just need a proven process that takes you from overwhelm to clarity, one step at a time.

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"It’s not an exaggeration to say that 100% of my first-time clients take whatever recommendation I make. It just goes to show what’s possible when you have tools like the Heart-to-Heart program, a support network and someone who knows what you need to move forward."

Nancy Harden, Feldenkrais Practitioner, USA


"I have a sense of moving toward self-respect in my work, and also respecting that I really want to make a living. I haven’t really treated it like that before."

Kristine Jensen-Smith, Intuitive and Certified Practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu, USA

Can I Help You?

If you’re like the practitioners who get great results with me…

  • You aren’t clear about how to build your practice.
  • You’re overwhelmed by being self-employed.
  • You give a lot of “first sessions” but don’t have enough long-term, committed clients.
  • Your schedule may be full, but you’re exhausted and you still can’t afford a vacation.
  • You’re fed up, something has to change and you’re ready to take action.

Imagine What It Will Be Like, When You Know How To…

Claim the Powerful Innate Strengths that Support You in Every Part of Your Business

When you focus on developing your unique business strengths, you have more energy, more clarity, more focus and far less overwhelm. And when you feel authentic, you stop coming across as pushy or salesy; strangers are more likely to become clients because you feel confident about how you can help them.


Connect with New Clients and Book Paid Consultations with Them

A paid consultation establishes your value and gives both of you the space to explore whether you’re a good fit for working together…it’s an essential step in building a great practice. Imagine talking with someone you can help and without missing a beat, you decide together to take the next step! I’ll show you what to say, why you you need to say it, and how to make it feel like you–so that you can say it.


Help 80% of First-Time Clients Commit to Working with You Long-Term

It’s time to stop auditioning for clients in first sessions. Once you’ve mastered the Heart-to-Heart Consultation, you’ll…

  • Give people the exact information they need to make a commitment to their own well-being.
  • Stop being overwhelmed in your first session with a new client.
  • Address their concerns and objections with compassion, not panic.
  • State your fee with confidence.
  • Make it easy for prospects to understand why they should work with you long enough to get the results they want.


How It Works…

The Heart-to-Heart Consultation meets the needs of practitioners like you... people who know their work offers unparalleled transformation, but who struggle to be seen for the value they bring their clients.

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And In Addition, Your Learning Is…


Our learning portal is already loaded and ready to go, so you can start as soon as you register. Work through the modules at your own convenience, using the handouts, audios, videos, scripts and actual client conversations.


You’ll be blown away by all the ways you are supported! With practice sessions, Q&A calls, celebrations and help from other practitioners who are on the same path you’re on, you won’t fall through the cracks unless you want to!


Our practice calls give you the opportunity to use what you’re learning in a safe environment with other practitioners. You’ll find that practice is the key to making your new skills feel easy and natural, not sleazy or manipulative.

What Others Are Saying …

"This programme and the work we all do to get clearer with our intentions has amazing effects."

Caroline Scott Feldenkrais Practitioner, UK

Heart-to-Heart provided me with the means to work and practice how I want... and every month, the program pays for itself, again and again.

Alastair Love, Feldenkrais Practitioner, Australia

I’ve more than doubled my income. I focus better, get better results, and have an easier time working.

Dan Schmidt, Feldenkrais Practitioner, USA

Heart-to-Heart has changed everything — from how I advertise and write my newsletter to how I talk to clients and work with them. I can really stay focused on the person now, because I never have to sell. There’s so much to this, on so many different layers — it changed my life!

Christine Cutbush, Feldenkrais Practitioner, New Zealand

Join Me On My Signature Course…

Have a Heart-to-Heart Consultation

It’s time to get clear, get out of overwhelm and learn to attract and enroll the clients you are here to serve.


Heart to Heart is my signature client attraction and enrollment program. I created it specifically for practitioners who need local clients and based it on the best models in heart-based business. Since 2010, I've been refining it based on feedback about what works best for practitioners. It's been tested and proven by your colleagues!

If you're struggling, it's the solution of choice because it gives you the information you've been missing, the help you need to implement it and the ongoing support that will help you feel connected and capable of building the practice you want.

But you know what? Sometimes it's hard to know if you're in the right place until you get there and see how it feels. 

That's why I recommend that if you're getting the feeling that  Heart-to-Heart is the solution you need, you should go ahead and register.

It's risk-free—

You'll begin your H2H journey with a 30-minute private call with me, where we'll be able to get to know each other.

I'll make sure that what H2H offers is what you're looking for and need, and you'll be able to ask any questions you have so that you know you're in the right place. If you decide during our call that H2H isn't the best fit for you, I'll refund your payment and cancel your registration... and we'll still be friends!

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I’m Allison Rapp

Creator of The Heart-to-Heart Consultation

When I trained with Moshe Feldenkrais in the 1970’s, it never occurred to me that I would find it hard to earn a living because I knew I had extremely valuable skills.

So… I’ve been a hands-on practitioner for 40 years. And while I love what I do, I struggled for 30 years to make my business viable because I didn’t know how to help people see the value of how I could help them.

In 2010, I built my own practice from almost nothing into one where more than 90% of the people who came to me for the first time committed to a minimum of 10 sessions with me. When I realized how much practitioners needed what I had learned and developed for myself, I knew it was time to make a difficult choice between two things I loved doing–helping the public or helping practitioners.

To bring Heart-to-Heart to its current form, I spent years absorbing business training, and countless hours in gaining practical experience. I am one of a handful of certified Perceptual Style® coaches and am in the first cohort of Jeffrey van Dyk’s coach certification for wound-based marketing and the development of your signature program.

Now I devote full-time to practitioners so that I can continue to learn and grow as a business coach, and bring you the very best of practices, tailored in a way that works for who you are.


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All the information on this page is true to the best of my knowledge. However, other people’s success is not a guarantee that you will experience the same results. Your return on any investment in a program designed to help you build your practice is dependent on many factors. It is not possible to guarantee — and I make no promises regarding — your specific results. If your financial situation is such that the investment you are considering means that you will be unable to fulfill your financial responsibilities to yourself and others, this may be the wrong time for you to invest in your practice.