Fill Your Practice or High-Ticket Program

In by Allison

I’m so glad you’re here for this mini-training.

On this page are 2 resources.

The first is a webinar from my 5-Day Hands-on Business Kickstart program. I designed the Kickstart to help you get a solid foundation under your hands-on practice in less than 5 hours. Day 3 of the Kickstart focused on Attraction and Enrollment, the skills you need when you want to fill a local practice or a high-end program that you deliver online.

The second resource is a handout–Fill Your Practice or High-End Program–that you can download and print or read online. If you read it on your device, you’ll need your appointment calendar and something to write with and on.

I’d love to hear from you–let me know what action steps you’re going to take or how this training changed your thinking about filling your practice or high-ticket program.

Warmly, Allison

Click here to view the Hands-on Business Kickstart

Click here to view the Heart to Heart Program

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