Client Attraction Quiz (not GF quz)

Many practitioners are at a loss to understand why they don’t have enough people interested in their work. That’s why I created this free survey for you. It will help you understand where to focus your attention for the best effect. You’ll get personalized results that will help you make great choices about nurturing your prospective clients into raving fans!

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  • You and Your Clients

  • Your ideal clients are people you would like to clone. Everyone has his or her own way of defining their ideal client, but in general, you have good chemistry with these folks and feel energized from working with them.
    “Someone with skin” is not a good definition of your ideal client 🙂
  • Urgent problems are what keep your clients awake at night. It's not the physical complain they come to you with -- it's why that's important, how it affects their life, etc.
    Of course, a person with back pain might be kept awake by it at night. Yet his urgent problem may be that his pain makes it so hard to work that he may have to quit his job and that means he would lose his house.
  • It's easier to build your practice when you know a lot about the people you help -- for example, how they describe their problems, what they are looking for, what stands in their way.
    If you didn't have the difficulty they have (perhaps you work with children with brain injuries), experience in helping others who do have that problem will make everything easier.
  • Most practitioners don't like talking about themselves.
    Success stories are a great way to let new clients know you can help, without bragging about yourself.