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Today I Read that Charles Darwin…

… didn’t trust himself to remember everything he came across that seemed to contravene the theory of evolution… so he did what you or I would do…

Graduate with Confidence

When you’re planning on turning your hands-on training into a sustainable practice after graduation, you need to develop confidence. You can begin doing that during your training with this simple secret!

Today I Got an Email

—from a woman with 17 letters after her name. What impression does that make? When you’ve got more letters than clients what should your next step be?

How Hope Can Destroy Your Practice

Hope is not a business plan. To get clients, you must communicate your value and develop skills that are more substantive than hope–and backed by action!

How Can You Get A Successful Practice?

Building a holistic practice requires learning a skill set anyone can master, and aligning your mindset with success. This puts you in an upward spiral that makes it easy to realize your dream!