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Day 25…Distraction

You can’t do your “Great Work” when you aren’t focused. Find the things that distract you and you have a choice because when you know what you’re doing, you can do what you want!

Day 24… The Gas Gauge

When your gas gauge tells you that you’re low on gas, you just go get some… what does this have to do with your visibility as a Feldenkrais Practitioner?

Day 18… The 80-20 Principle

80% of your effort yields only 20% of your results… how can you use that to increase the number of referrals you get from the contacts you cultivate?

Day 17… Be Yourself!

Your clients don’t want a cookie-cutter practitioner! They want YOU! Are you able to let them see who you are?

Day 16… Perfection

Day 16… Are you waiting for perfection? What do you think your clients are waiting for?

How to Build a Healthy Somatic Practice

Just as 4 basic food groups sustain our physical bodies, there are 4 basic things that sustain our Somatic Practices. We need to do these, as much as we need to develop or business skills, plan our marketing and think about our promotion!

Day 14… Location!

It’s easy to think that your website makes you visible… but do your clients stay there long enough to find out about you? Discover the secret!

Day 12… Gremlins

You can’t outshout them. You can’t outrun them. You can’t win the battle. Learn to make friends with your GREMLINS!

Day 11… Consultation

People expect a consultation before starting to work with you. And at that time, you can step into your expertise… you’ll be surprised at how that changes their commitment!

Day 9… Promotion

If you’re like most Feldenkrais Practitioners, you don’t want to be a business person. But you need clients. To get them, you need to promote yourself. Uh-oh! Promotion is a business skill…