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So… How’s Business?

First up: I know that you probably don’t want a business. Or even think you need one.

You want a practice.

You became a hands-on practitioner to help people with your work, not to be an overworked small business owner.

That’s the only reason it would make sense to spend all that time in your training!

So why do what you hate— especially when it takes you away from doing what you love?

Not only that, your message is about transformation, which seems completely unrelated to business… but it breaks your heart that you can’t actually DO your work with enough people to make you feel like you’re doing what you came here for.

And underlying that, something bubbles up from time to time, and maybe it’s coming up more often for you lately… you just can’t can’t understand why people don’t want what you have to offer.

I mean… you’re committed at a deep level to the work you do and you know you can help people, but you’re starting to wonder if you’re really cut out to be a practitioner in the first place.

It’s not that you haven’t been trying. By now, you’ve probably done everything you can imagine to get more clients, earn a living and spread your work in the world. But it just isn’t working and it’s getting to the point where it’s got to work for you, or you’ve got to work for someone else.

I get it.

That’s just about where I was when I finally realized that it’s pretty much impossible to help the people I’m here to serve without a solid business foundation that lets me do my work without worrying about it.

That’s why I’m asking you – 
'how’s business?'

Because whether you want it or not, if you don’t have the practice you want, I’m guessing you don't have a business that makes it possible.

Here are some of symptoms you might be experiencing ...

Here’s what that means.

If you feel like it just couldn’t get worse... or if something doesn’t change NOW, you’re going to have to give up and go get a job,

then you've got just one tiny problem:

The "business" you don't want is biting you in the butt.

Bite Back - start to gain control and build a successful practice

Is the current situation anything like the dream you had?

And if it isn't, how the heck are you going to get there if you continue doing what you’ve been doing—ignoring your business?

I don’t want to oversimplify a solution and say that it’s all about mindset... for sure there are skills involved and you have to learn them just like I had to learn them.

But honestly—the biggest thing that changed for me was that I really got it that without a business my clients weren’t safe.

There was no way I could know I’d be here next year to help them if I didn’t create a reliable foundation to support myself in giving them the help they needed from me.

When I got that deep in my bones, I realized how important it was to embrace owning a business–and figure out how to do it my own way so that I could stay in integrity. And that’s why I know that  when you’re writing the rules for your own business:

…You can work when it suits you

…You can deal with people consciously.

…You can relax in not knowing everything because there’s help available.

…You can plan for vacations, earn enough to buy insurance and know that you have money to retire on.

… You can count on feeling aligned with your purpose while you earn a living in integrity.

Allison Rapp

I’m Allison Rapp and since 2010, I’ve been working with practitioners to help them attract and enroll more clients and how to have a business that supports their dream without feeling like a nightmare.

I’ve helped many of them and I can help you too.

Basic Business Blueprint for Hands-On Practitioners

Become the Boss Your Business Needs!

I want to help you take care of the business essentials you need to feel secure in going forward.

You could be a new practitioner or a seasoned hand who can never figure out where your estimated tax payments are going to come from—either way, you’ll get enough detail to satisfy your inner voices, without feeling like you’re being flooded by a fire hose. You’ll get just the right amount of information in modules designed to help you put a solid foundation under your business without spending more time than you need to.

In just a few hours a week, you’ll begin to build a business steeped in your own integrity, so it will feel just like you whenever you sit down to work on it. Live sessions with me will give you a chance to get your questions answered and ask for laser coaching.

You’ll make progress instead of being bogged down in confusion and overwhelm—and our implementation calls will help you stay on track without getting so caught up in the process that you can’t find time to talk to new clients.

Within 6 weeks, you’ll feel like you can’t remember why you resisted having a business.

What practitioners tell me is that implementation that makes a big difference in moving forward. That’s why there’s plenty of it in this program: what I want for you to a start to the new year with a simple plan you can make work. That means that it not only fulfills your needs, but it feels like you.

Here's What You'll Do...

You’re the best practitioner you can be, right?

Now you can be the best boss you can be, too– and you can do it in the least amount of time.


By focussing on the 3 most important things the BOSS focuses on when you have a job:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Clients

You’ll develop a list of thing you think you probably should do, but they just don’t serve you or your clients. Imagine taking a big sigh of relief when you figure out that you can take them off your plate without doing any of them!

You’ll find out what your obstacles are, where they’re coming from and make a plan for getting past them.

You’ll look at five areas that typically bog practitioners down and learn tools for moving beyond where you are so you can go where you want to go… because frankly, what got you here, won’t get you there.

When you know what to do every day—and deal with what stops you from doing it—you feel free to enjoy yourself, your clients and your business without worrying that you’re missing something that will come back to get you later.

You’ll show up with greater confidence when your inner voices become supportive.

Let’s face it — when they’re nattering at you, you have to fight for every inch of forward movement. That doesn’t help you or your business.

When you learn how to collaborate with your inner voices, you show up with more confidence. That makes it easier for your clients to know you can help them.

In Our Group Q&A/Laser Coaching Calls

Practitioners tell me is that help with implementation makes all the difference in moving forward.

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you that we’re going to have 5 live 90-minute calls… That’s 7½ hours of group coaching from me!

This is where you’ll meet our community, bring your questions, and get my help with the situations that make your practice unique.

It an opportunity to learn from each other and growing your business will feel more collaborative than you thought was possible.

With Like-minded Practitioners Around the World

One of the things my clients tell me over and over is that the quality of interaction in our community is unique. Practitioners from around the world connect and create a spirit of collaboration that so many of us long for.

Our private group on Facebook will be a meeting place for colleagues to share questions, concerns, ideas… and CELEBRATIONS!

You’ll meet other practitioners and get support at a level that is really unprecedented in most practitioner communities. It’s one of the reasons my clients have so much success—we’re in it together and everybody’s boat is floating on a rising sea.

Allison Rapp

Basic Business Blueprint will help you start to gain control and build a practice

What practitioners are saying . . .


Basic Business Blueprint

Course includes the Hands-on Business Kickstart, Align Your Mindset, 7-1/2 hours of group coaching with Allison and bonuses.

Note: If you have already purchased either the Business Kickstart or Align Your Mindset, please email Allison [Allison at] for a CREDIT CODE


What practitioners are saying . . .

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The program helped me immensely to face my worries, own my dreams and really, really know why I want to step up to the challenges of supporting myself with my Feldenkrais® Practice. Doing the exercises was the thing that made the difference.

Feldenkrais® Practitioner, USA

This process allowed me to narrow my scope to exactly why I do this work. Clarity was immediate — I understood the “BIG WHY?” but I also got the deep and wide one, too.

Feldenkrais® Practitioner, USA

I uncovered negative thinking about what success means and who achieves success, and I committed to deserving and celebrating my own success. I discovered that I can be the person I want to be and also be a success!

Feldenkrais® Practitioner, USA

The dreams exercise clarified what is most important for me in life so I can keep motivated to achieve success … and fulfill my desires.

Feldenkrais® Practitioner, USA

All the information on this page is true to the best of my knowledge. However, other people’s success is not a guarantee that you will experience the same results. Your return on any investment in a program designed to help you build your practice is dependent on many factors. It is not possible to guarantee — and I make no promises regarding — your specific results. If your financial situation is such that the investment you are considering means that you will be unable to fulfill your financial responsibilities to yourself and others, this may be the wrong time for you to invest in your practice.

I was able to re-frame the worries about my business project which were creating stress — into questions that could lead to solutions.

Feldenkrais® Practitioner, USA

It brought attention to what I didn’t know about myself and laid the groundwork for what I need to do.

Feldenkrais® Practitioner, USA

Definitely got that “sigh” from completing the work on Dreams. Wow, what a great exercise!

Feldenkrais® Practitioner, USA

I turned my obstacles to success into an action plan for success!

Feldenkrais® Practitioner, USA
Allison Rapp

There’s a huge gap between what’s being taught about how to get clients, and the people who need it most — like hands-on holistic practitioners. My expertise in is bridging that gap for you, so you can understand what to do, and how to do it and so it feels easy and natural.