Hands-on Practitioners & Movement Educators…

Could you help more people, if you could just get them to work with you?

I’m Allison Rapp, and I might be able to help…

If you feel stuck or even hopeless about ever being able to make the kind of impact you know you’re here to make…

If you are… Passionate… Committed… and about ready to quit if something doesn’t change soon…

I invite you

… to make an appointment for a complimentary half hour Practice Diagnosis and Rx Call with me — there are only 2 requirements:

1. Please be ready to serve the clients you’re here to help. Whatever your work is, being ready to offer it to the people who need you is fundamental.

2. You must honestly be READY to change things. The practitioners who work with me get results because they’re not wavering, so you and I don’t need to waste time talking if you’re not already primed to take action.

If it feels like that’s where you are, here’s what will happen in our confidential conversation:

• You’ll have a safe place to delve into what’s really not working in your practice.
• I’ll give you an honest and truthful evaluation of what your options are for getting what you want.
• There won’t be any pressure or “hard sell” tactics.

How does that sound? If you’re ready, you can schedule a call right here: